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Vacuum Suction Truck Equipment

Acompactor Vacuum Suction Trucks are among the most commonly used vehicles for sewage transportation. These trucks are equipped with a suction device that effectively extracts sewage, which is then pumped into a tanker truck or backup tank for transportation and disposal elsewhere. Featuring powerful suction capabilities, Acompactor Vacuum Trucks are diesel-powered vehicles with large hoses at the rear for efficient sewage extraction. They can handle both solids and liquids, including debris such as broken glass and wood pieces. Acompactor Vacuum Trucks are specifically designed for vacuum suction and the transfer of wastewater and debris collected from cesspits and municipal infrastructure channels. Two key components define a vacuum truck: a vacuum pump and a large tank, with specifications varying based on the vehicle chassis. These trucks utilize vacuum power to suction sludge and liquids into the tank, with the vacuum pump powered by the PTO (power take-off) mechanism coupled to the vehicle gearbox.