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Combi Jetting and Vacuum Vehicles

Discharge Plate: Located inside the body, the discharge plate moves on polyamide plates. After the welding phase, it is painted. The movement of the discharge plate is enabled by the telescopic cylinder. Tailgate: Positioned at the back of the compactor’s body and connected to the body with two hinges, the tailgate opens when necessary to discharge the waste inside. Constructed from high-strength steel, the tailgate is integrated with a hopper and compaction plate. Operated with the assistance of a guidance mechanism, the compaction plate opens and functions. The hopper is utilized for loading waste. To prevent accidental opening, the tailgate is secured to the body with two hooks. It is operated by two hydraulic cylinders. When maintenance requires access into the body, the support arm must be screwed and fastened.

Crane Mounted Garbage Trucks

Acompactor, a leading firm in waste management solutions, presents its innovative Crane Mounted Garbage Trucks designed to streamline the collection and transportation of municipal solid waste. These trucks feature crane-mounted equipment that facilitates the lifting of underground containers, enabling efficient disposal into the compactor's tailgate. Additionally, the integrated washing and disinfection system ensures that containers are thoroughly cleaned before being returned to their original locations. As environmental cleanliness becomes increasingly crucial, Acompactor recognizes the importance of providing practical and effective waste management solutions. The utilization of larger capacity on-ground and underground containers, coupled with the deployment of garbage trucks equipped with crane installations, has become instrumental in modern waste management practices. Acompactor's Crane Mounted Garbage Trucks boast top-tier cranes engineered for maximum efficiency and manufactured to meet stringent CE standards. These high-capacity cranes offer exceptional performance while maintaining minimal dead weights, ensuring optimal functionality in waste collection operations.

Mini Packer Refuse Compactor

Acompactor Mini Refuse Compactors offer a convenient solution for collecting and disposing of waste in narrow city streets and rural areas alike. They efficiently transport waste to larger Refuse Compactor Trucks or directly to nearby facilities. Acompactor Mini Refuse Compactors are designed to be modern and simple, meeting international standards and adaptable to various terrains.

Refuse Garbage Compactor Truck

Acompactor Rear Loader Garbage Collection Trucks are crafted to load municipal solid waste and compact it within the vehicle superstructure, eliminating the need for lengthy travel for smaller waste items and facilitating transportation to waste treatment facilities. Acompactor Refuse Truck Body Manufacturer offers customized designs tailored to the specific configurations required for various projects. The refuse truck (garbage truck) is essentially a carrier truck with a Refuse Body mounted on its chassis. Its primary function is to collect all types of waste, including garbage, solid waste, and recyclable materials, and transport them to larger facilities for waste treatment. These trucks are predominantly utilized by municipal authorities and private companies. Acompactor provides a range of chassis configurations and loading volumes to suit different truck sizes and requirements.