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Combi Jetting and Vacuum Vehicles

Combi Jetting Vacuum Vehicles Equipments are designed for the removal of clogged sewage canals and manholes. They are capable of vacuuming sludge, wastewater, and half solid waste inside their sludge tank by strong vacuum force created by means of a vacuum pump. The volume of industrial waste that is produced in industrial cities continues to concern industrialists, industrial waste management companies, industrial waste management professionals, and other stakeholders. The increase in the volume of industrial waste has led to an increase in the need for more efficient methods of disposing or treating it. Combination vacuum and jetting equipment and trucks are one such example of a new technique for managing industrial waste. Thanks to its high-pressure flushing removal of debris, stones, mud, industrial waste, cans, grease, sludge can easily be removed. Combination sewer jetting and vacuum vehicles include a positive displacement vacuum pump and a high-pressure water pump.  Jetting and vacuuming vehicles are installed with a self-contained water supply as the water source for the high-pressure pump and a cylindrical debris tank for the collection of materials vacuumed from the sewage. These vehicles are able to perform high-pressure flushing of sewer pipes and removing of solid and liquid waste from the sewer manholes. Combi jetting & Vacuum Equipment can be used with both functioning features or separately depending on incidents.

Garbage Truck Manufacturers In Turkey

Acompactor was founded in 1992 in Konya, Turkey, establishing itself as one of the pioneering manufacturers of Garbage Trucks in the country. Subsequently, the company relocated its production facilities to Konya, aiming to enhance production capabilities and diversify its range of superstructures and municipal equipment. Acompactor offers a wide array of equipment and vehicles tailored for the waste management industry. The main supply offerings include:
  • Garbage Trucks and Refuse Collection Vehicles
  • Semi Trailer Garbage Trucks
  • Vacuum Tankers and Vacuum Trucks
  • Canal Jetting Vehicles and Sewer Cleaning Vehicles
  • Combination Sewer Jetting & Vacuum Vehicles
  • Hooklifts, Hook Loaders, and Skip Loaders
  • Telescopic Aerial Platforms
  • Low Bed Trailers
  • Firefighters
  • And various other specialized vehicles for waste management purposes.
With waste disposal emerging as a global priority, Acompactor recognizes the need for innovative equipment and methods to address human waste and the scrap industry. As such, the company continues to introduce new waste management solutions to meet evolving industry demands.

Refuse Garbage Compactor Trucks

Acompactor Garbage Compactor Trucks are vehicles designed to mechanically compress the contents of containers emptied into their bodies. Typically utilized by companies involved in waste collection or disposal, these trucks collect trash from homes and businesses, deposit it into a large facility, and then compact it before loading onto trucks for transport to a landfill site. Acompactor Garbage trucks are engineered to gather waste and compact it to optimize space within the truck's superstructure for transportation to nearby waste treatment facilities. Refuse trucks, or garbage trucks, are carrier trucks equipped with a Refuse Body mounted on their chassis. Their primary function is to collect various types of waste, including garbage, solid waste, and recyclables. These trucks are predominantly used by municipal authorities and private waste management companies. Acompactor offers a variety of chassis configurations and loading volumes tailored to the requirements of different regions or workplaces. Waste management is a pressing issue for cities and communities worldwide. With the population growth and urban development, effectively managing the increasing volume of waste has become increasingly challenging. The Rear Loader Refuse Garbage Compactor Truck represents a significant advancement in the waste management industry, providing advanced features and benefits that enhance the efficiency and environmental friendliness of waste collection and disposal. Acompactor Waste Management Equipment offers a wide range of chassis configurations with additional features to meet diverse needs.

Semi Trailer Garbage Transfer Compactor 85 cbm Capacity

Acompactor designs and develops Semi Trailer Garbage Transfer Compactors for waste management equipment. Acompactor Semi Trailer Garbage Equipment is primarily utilized for transferring solid waste to distant facilities. Its capacity enables smaller garbage trucks to efficiently load their waste onto the trailer equipment, saving time and fuel while ensuring continuous operation in solid waste collection. Acompactor's PRO85 self-contained semi-trailer is engineered and manufactured for transporting both dry and moist waste. The compact system offers continuous or discontinuous operation with a compression ratio of 1:6. The PRO85 semi-trailer is ideal for storing and transporting various types of waste, exceeding the allowable load capacity compared to conventional mobile floors, thanks to its innovative compaction system. With the PRO60 belt system and Acompactor's high-strength Ejection/Discharge Plate, it serves as an efficient transport transfer station, eliminating the need for multiple trips to smaller capacity compactors for waste disposal. The body comprises a main body and subframe mounted on a truck chassis, a tailgate with a compaction mechanism, an internal discharging/ejection plate, a bin lifter device, hydraulic and electrical components, all seamlessly integrated into the garbage compactor assembly.