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Towed Type Road & Street Sweepers

Acompactor Towed-type road & street sweepers are engineered for heavy-duty operations and function on a mechanical basis without suction. These equipment types are well-suited for use in compact areas and narrow streets. Various types of road sweeping equipment are available on the market today, each designed for specific tasks. Common types include mechanical broom sweepers, regenerative air sweepers, vacuum sweepers, and regenerative air-vacuum sweepers. Mechanical broom sweepers feature rotating brushes that effectively clean the road surface, making them ideal for sweeping large areas such as highways and runways. Regenerative air sweepers utilize high-pressure air to lift debris from the road, which is then collected in a hopper, making them suitable for heavy debris and industrial applications. Vacuum sweepers use suction to gather debris from the road surface, making them ideal for cleaning small areas like parking lots and sidewalks. Regenerative air-vacuum sweepers combine the benefits of regenerative air and vacuum sweepers, providing versatility across a wide range of applications. Selecting the appropriate type of road sweeping equipment depends on your specific operational needs. For extensive areas, a mechanical broom sweeper may be preferable, while vacuum sweepers are more suitable for smaller areas. Aside from equipment type, it's essential to consider ease of operation and maintenance. Look for features like user-friendly controls, robust construction, and a reliable engine to ensure efficient and hassle-free operation of your Acompactor road sweeping machine.

Vacuum Type Road Sweepers

Acompactor Truck-Mount Vacuum Type Road Sweepers are essential tools for combating traffic congestion and improving air quality in cities. These sweeping vehicles utilize a jet nozzle to spray water onto the street, effectively loosening and removing debris from the surface. Road sweeping is highly effective at clearing debris from streets and can even be utilized to control dust on unpaved roads. Acompactor Road Sweepers are specifically designed vehicles used to maintain cleanliness on streets, roads, pavements, and other hard surfaces. Truck-Mount Street Sweepers not only ensure cleaner streets but also contribute to stormwater and water pollution prevention. They prevent unwanted materials from entering storm drains, thus reducing pollution in beaches and preventing backups and flooding. Additionally, they promote cleanliness and safety at job sites while minimizing tire damage. Acompactor's Truck-Mount Vacuum Type Road Sweepers are equipped with garbage and dust collection bins, as well as a cleaning system. They are specialized vehicles designed for the removal and collection of debris from roads, streets, highways, and other surfaces. Acompactor provides easy-to-use truck-mounted street sweepers with volumes ranging from 4cbm to 10cbm, offering effective solutions for maintaining cleanliness in urban environments.