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Truck-Mounted Articulated Aerial Platform

Acompactor Truck-Mounted Articulated Aerial Platforms are specialized cranes designed to minimize safety hazards and environmental impacts by lifting loads at fixed elevations. These platforms, particularly telescopic aerial platforms, are engineered to help companies meet safety and regulatory requirements, offering improved stability and control compared to traditional boom cranes. Telescopic aerial platforms function by extending telescoping booms from forks or lugs mounted on the platform base. They are particularly useful for overcoming challenges posed by unstable ground surfaces, such as uneven terrain, which can affect stability and footing. Different types of jobs require specific equipment to address these challenges effectively. Telescopic aerial platforms are utilized for tasks at heights, including the installation of roofing products, chimneys, and antennas on buildings. Construction teams rely on telescopic aerial platforms for safely installing roofing products, chimneys, and antennas on buildings at various heights.

Truck-Mounted Mobile Crane

Acompactor Truck-Mounted Mobile Cranes comprise two essential components: the truck chassis and the hydraulically operated booms, also known as arms. During operation, these cranes move slowly and steadily, bearing loads carried by the booms. They are supported by counterweights and outriggers to ensure stability throughout the operation.