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Truck Mounted Hook Loader

Acompactor Truck-Mounted Hook Loaders are commonly found in the construction industry, where they play a crucial role in lifting materials for various projects. These versatile machines can handle a range of tasks beyond construction work. Equipped with a horizontal boom mounted at the rear of the vehicle, extending over the cab, they can lift materials by gripping them with chains or hooks at the end of the arm. Acompactor hook loader lifting equipment is specifically designed for movable containers, offering a diverse range of hook loaders for removable skips. The hooklift system is utilized for loading and transporting containers by lifting and moving them onto the vehicle chassis, completing the loading cycle securely. Primarily used in industrial and larger construction sites. Our hook loaders feature an angular overturning capability, allowing for easy discharge of loads within containers. Designed in compliance with DIN 30722 norms, the superstructure consists of a subframe, foldable lifting arm, and hydraulic-pneumatic equipment. Acompactor offers Hookloaders with capacities ranging from 8 tons to 25 tons