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Refuse Compactor Truck

Refuse Compactor Truck
Product Images
CRP-060006+1 m3 Grb. Compactor584020703350240095030002955740127511251501035
CRP-070007+1 m3 Grb. Compactor616020703750280095033003355800127511251501035
CRP-08008+1 m3 Grb. Compactor655620704208311995033303755894127511221501035
CRP-1300013+1,5 m3 Grb. Compactor85503100486536001365400040001340181719671501465
CRP-1500015+1,5 m3 Grb. Compactor90503100546541001365480048001540181719671501465
CRP-1800018+1,5 m3 Grb. Compactor97203100623548701365510051001700181719671501465

Refuse Compactor Truck

Garbage collection trucks are  designed to gather municipal solid wastes and refuse to transport them to  waste treatment facility.

The refuse truck is a carrier truck consist of  a Refuse Body on its chassis. Main function of a Refuse Truck is to do collection of all kind of refuse: garbage,  solid waste  and recycling objects.

Refuse trucks are used mostly by municipal duties and private companies.

Depending on truck size there are variety of chassis configurations and loading volume offered.

ACompactor provides most chassis configurations upon requests


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