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Lifting Devices of a Rear Loader Garbage Truck

Lifting Devices of a Rear Loader Garbage Truck

DISCHARGE PLATE : is located inside the body. Discharge plate moves on polyamide plates. After welding phase, it is painted. The movement of discharge plate is enabled by telescopic cylinder. (1)

TAILGATE : Tailgate is located at the back of the compactors body and connected to the body with two hinges . When necessary, the tailgate opens and discharges the waste inside. Tailgate is produced from high strength steel. Tailgate is a whole with hopper and compaction plate. With the help of the guidance mechanism, compaction plate opens and operates. The hopper is used for loading waste. To prevent the tailgate from accidental opening, it is connected to the body with two hooks. The tailgate opens with the help of two hydraulic cylinders. When necessary to go into the body for maintenance, the support arm must be screwed and fastened. (3)


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